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General questions on leather

What is the difference between pigmented smooth leather and aniline leather?
The difference is in the surface.
Pigmented smooth leather surfaces are provided with additional pigments after the dying process. This makes them much more durable and easier to clean than natural aniline leathers.
Aniline leather is more sensitive and susceptible to stains. But aniline leather is also of higher quality - a real natural product. It feels softer and its surface structure is very fine.

You can easily find out whether you are looking at aniline leather or pigmented smooth leather. Simply place a drop of water on the leather. If its soaks in immediately, you are looking at aniline leather. If it stays on the leather's surface, you are looking at pigmented smooth leather.

Does dry heated air do damage to my leather sofa?
Yes, dryness harms any leather. Leather dries out especially fast in the winter, when humidity drops below 45% because of heating. The result: Your furniture's leather becomes brittle and may even get dry cracks! That is why it is important to maintain a balanced climate and to regularly wipe your sofa with a damp cloth. Regular treatment with PROTEC Longlife Care is favorable since it does not only give your sofa moisture but also protects it from repeated dry out.

How do artificial light and sunlight affect my sofa's condition?
Direct sunlight as well as artificial light may dry out and destroy your sofa's dye due to UV radiation - your sofa fades! Therefore, we recommend you to always protect your leather sets from direct UV radiation.

Leather maintenance and care

Why does leather need maintenance and care?
Leather is a natural product, it is skin. As such, it needs continuous and special treatment in order for the leather - respectively skin - not to dry out, perish or crack. It is especially important to clean the leather before each treatment. Only then are pores free of dirt and only then can they fully absorb care substances.

What should I do in case I stain the leather?
Be quick! Remove all liquids that haven't soaked in immediately using a clean cloth. Caution: Only work on the leather surface to make sure no dirt gets rubbed into the leather. Clean and treat your leather sofa using PROTEC Easy Clean and PROTEC Longlife Care afterwards. For aniline leather, please use the equivalent PROTEC AN products.

How often should I clean and treat my leather sofa? As mentioned before: Leather dries out quickly. Therefore, we recommend you to regularly wipe down your leather set with a damp (not a wet!) cloth. We recommend thorough cleaning and maintenance using PROTEC Easy Clean and PROTEC Longlife Care every 6 months.

Questions on PROTEC

For how long can I use PROTEC products?
All PROTEC products have a minimum durability of 36 months starting at production date. You can find the production date on all PROTEC products. Please note: Store all PROTEC products at temperatures between + 5 °C and + 35 °C.

How do I know whether PROTEC is suitable for my leather set?
In general, all PROTEC products should be tested on a hidden spot before use. Please also check whether your sofa's cover is made from pigmented smooth leather or aniline leather. For further information on leather types, please read the section "General questions on leather".

Questions on orders from sofa-shop.net

Which payment options does sofa-shop.net offer?
Orders on sofa-shop.net can be paid either by PayPal or by credit card (VISA or Mastercard). Please have your login data handy when ordering.

Which personal data is stored?
Only your shipping details are stored for shipping. You cannot open a customer account. Any data will obviously be used confidentially and is subject to the general data protection rules.

Can I order from sofa-shop.net as a commercial customer?
No. All products displayed on sofa-shop.net are offered exclusively to private customers. As a commercial customer, please contact our internal sales team. For further information, click here.

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